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Meet the Team - Hong Kong

Martin Lea

Head of Private Client Sales – UK & Asia

Contact details:

Email: martin@gvwm.co.uk
Mobile: +44 (0) 7740 000 598
Twitter: @martinlea78

Martin joined the  the GVWM Group in 2007 having come from Majestic Wine where he obtained a very good grounding in the wine industry from a retail perspective. Martin quickly adapted and changed to the professional and service driven model of GVWM and along the way found time to study and obtain his WSET Diploma further strengthening his knowledge and credentials within the wine industry.

Martin opened the Hong Kong office for GVWM in October 2011 and has led the growth and development with great enthusiasm and energy delivering great success for GVWM and his many clients. He was appointed Head of Private Client Sales for UK & Asia in November of 2017

As of, February 1st 2018, Martin has relocated to our Sevenoaks office in the UK to manage and expand our private client sales operation. From this point onward we will be centralising our operations out of the UK and Martin will continue to offer you the high level of service that you have come to expect.  He will be working hours that accommodate the time difference between the UK and Hong Kong to ensure a smooth transition.

In his new position Martin will be in Hong Kong every few months to see you and host wine events and tastings.

Hong Kong Sales Support

Contact details:

Email: sales@grandvinwinemerchants.hk
Phone: +44 (0) 7740 000 598

Key Responsibilities:

Client Accounts

  • Client payments & queries on accounts with GVWM HK Ltd
  • Managing clients in relation to payments & terms
  • Storage issues: accounting, invoicing, payment management
  • Bottling requests

Supplier Accounts

  •  Suppliers invoices & statements
  • Payments to suppliers


  • Company Financial Accounts

Hong Kong Logistics

Katie Jago & Christine Reeves
Phone: +44 (0) 1732 779 343

Key responsibilities:

Client services

  • Update clients regarding availabilities
  • Obtain clients' release instructions
  • All delivery enquiries
  • Forwarders enquiries
  • Proof of Delivery / Collection enquiries
  • Any photo requests

Shipments to Hong Kong

  • Any questions regarding the shipment


  • All stock releases
  • Stock queries
  • All warehouse queries
  • Any questions regarding wine releases