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Private Reserves

With a GVWM Private Reserve account you can be confident that your wine is stored securely in optimum conditions, which is essential for both drinking and investment fine wine. Your wines will be held in your name, stored in a chamber that is designated for GVWM clients, and will never be confused with our own stock.

Private Reserve Benefits:

  • Consolidating your wine collection at one facility makes keeping track of your purchases easy
  • Temperature and humidity controlled environment ensures optimum conditions for your wine
  • Wines are fully insured at replacement value
  • Facilities are regulated and monitored by HM Revenue & Customs for security
  • We offer advice on the selling and buying of your wine

It is from the Private Reserves that we operate additional services to suit your specifications:

  • By region or country - e.g. only Italian wines
  • By price range – i.e. regular purchases within a specific price range
  • By sourcing – i.e. a regular purchase of cases of wine for drinking each year, four times a year
  • By specific appellations of interest
  • By any other criteria you wish to establish with us

For more information please read our notes on storage and insurance. Or call us if you have any questions.