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We sometimes offer wines that we don’t stock when we are representing one of our clients on a broking basis. We will only present wines we are confident are from a good source and we will check the condition before selling them on.

By offering broking wines we are able to offer a larger portfolio, while our clients can buy and sell their wines through people they trust instead of out sourcing, which can incur additional costs.

Our advice is free of charge - we will value your portfolio and advise on the optimum time and prices to sell your wine to capitalise on any gains made. Our recommendations are based on our extensive trading success.

On the sale of your wines, we retain 10% commission; you will receive the remaining 90% in full. The wine must be held at the GVWM warehouse premises prior to the sale of the wine in order for condition checks to be made.

We will provide a valuation for each wine, based on our market knowledge and the condition of the bottles.

  • We will provide a valuation for each wine, based on our market knowledge and the condition of the bottles.
  • After an agreement between you and your advisor to sell at a price, we will market the wines through all suitable means available to us for maximum exposure.
  • Our pricing strategy is competitive and we experience high turnover of broking stock for our clients, delivering a quick, efficient and reliable service.
  • Should your wines be stored elsewhere (e.g. Vinotheque, Octavian, other merchants), documentary evidence of possession and ownership, along with delivery of the wine to the warehouse will be required.
  • En Primeur wine will not be bottled and shipped to your chosen destination until spring three years from the vintage. i.e. 2007 vintage will arrive in Spring 2010.
  • Should you need to transfer your wine to the GVWM warehouse prior to broking, and it remains there for over one month, the warehouse storage charge of £12.50 per case per year will be applicable.

Our broking process is simple.

  • We agree a fixed sale price and upon your acceptance of our Broking Agreement, we market these for you at this price.
  • You will be notified upon sale of an item and, having transferred the wines to us, will receive payment, minus our 10% sales commission 30 days after we receive payment from the purchaser.

If you are considering selling your wines, contact us today and we will be happy to help.