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Storage and Insurance

It is not always feasible to have a private temperature and humidity controlled cellar in the home. Storing wines purchased for investment ‘in bond’ is crucial in guaranteeing condition and provenance, ready for a future date, to offer your wines to the market. We similarly recommend that all wines not for immediate drinking are stored in our facilities to ensure they mature in optimum conditions as they approach their drinking window.

The storage facility at EHD, formerly known as RGHQ (Regional Government Head Quarters), is a concrete bunker, built to shelter officials in the event of hostilities during the Cold War.

It is surrounded by perimeter fencing and was part of the original RAF Chilmark site.

Built over two levels, with metre thick walls and ceilings, and sunk into the surrounding hillside, this unique site provides the optimum conditions to store fine wines, in the most secure environment.

  • Each case of wine is allocated a unique stock and storage number for identification and proof of title.
  • Rotation numbers are assigned when a case of wine has been paid for.
  • Ownership is transferred to you and your Private Reserve account automatically activated.
  • Your wine is safely ring fenced and held under your name independently, exposing a clear audit trail to you away from our own inventory.
  • Wines are insured at full replacement value.

Wines ordered will be held at EHD for a period of one month from the receipt of payment of invoices in full, (with the exception of wines purchased En Primeur). After this period we charge per litre rather than per unit, with a minimum fee of £35 + VAT per year. For further information, existing clients should contact their sales manager, while prospective clients should contact the office.

It is the obligation of the customer to keep us informed of any change of physical address, email address and phone contact details.

These charges include insurance provided by EHD. The wine stored by GVWM at these bonded warehouses is covered by the insurance policy at the full replacement value.

Should any outstanding amounts payable for storage charges exceed 60 days then we have the right to terminate the storage agreement.

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