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Cellar Management

At GVWM we can assist you in creating a cellar from scratch, planning, stocking, reviewing and changing your cellar, as well as complementing your existing cellar. Our personable and professional team will source specific wines you require as well as make suggestions to achieve the cellar you desire.

Cellar Services:

  • Creating a new cellar of drinking and/or investment wines.
  • Assessing your current cellar, which can include a valuation of the wines you hold.
  • Cellar planning and projects - advice on which wines to drink up, sell, hold and purchase, together with an indication of appropriate times to review your cellar.
  • Building a cellar with projected drinking ‘ windows’ or time frames.

There are a number of reasons for purchasing special wines and stocking a cellar. We offer a range of services to respond to these including:

  • Purchasing wine to commemorate special occasions and anniversaries. A typical example would be purchasing the same vintage as the birth of your children or grandchildren to celebrate as an investment for their future.
  • Building a specific collection, such as a particular Chateau on an annual basis.
  • A structured drinking cellar, building a collection of wines from your favourite regions to drink now and in the future, for example New Zealand whites and Spanish reds.
  • Build your cellar by a geographic spread, combining New World and Old World wines.
  • By choosing your wines wisely, you can buy and sell wines to create a cellar that essentially pays for itself: purchasing an even number of cases of wine over a period of time, then later selling half of them, could potentially pay for the total cost of the cellar.

If you are looking for something specific, interested in starting a cellar, or would like advice on your current cellar (big or small), contact one of our wine advisors for some impartial advice.