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Building up, and making frequent dents in, your wine cellar is a life-long pleasure. Wines reflect personalities: we're here to help you define and understand your own preferences in wine through advice, tastings and wine events.

Drink what you love. The most important judgement when you're tasting wine, as a wine-loving consumer, is whether you like it. Even with fine Bordeaux, so often re-sold, the point about developing your tasting skills is to get under the skin of a wine, and relate that to your preferences, as well as your view on its ultimate quality.

See our tips on tasting for an introduction to professional tasting technique, and some more personal ideas about tasting and judging Bordeaux. Empower your buying decisions with a little background information on the regions of Bordeaux.

Finally, browse our list of wines and get in touch with our team of wine experts. We are always delighted to talk wine, and will be very happy to help.