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Advisory Services

GVWM is quintessentially all about wine; its source, and talented winemakers from around the world. It’s our passion and personal interest in these wines which distinguishes us from other merchants. We take pride in the development of our knowledge to pass on to our clients to achieve the level of service and enjoyment we are proud of.

All our clients have specific needs, tastes and requirements. Rather than pigeonhole or regulate you as a client, we like to work on a one to one basis; we believe in tailoring our services to our clients and understand that your journey through the exploration of wine is unique to your palate, your preferences, your needs, your budget and your portfolio.

Our knowledge comes from multifarious sectors of influence, blended from the strength of experience, wine knowledge from working with and tasting wines, investment and financial expertise within the GVWM team.

All of our advisors are highly qualified and have achieved or are in final stages of achieving the WSET Diploma in Wine – one of the highest qualifications before the leap to Master of Wine. Additionally, ongoing training is also a feature of our activities.

Our wine advisors are here to help you discover the complete world of wine - working with you in any of the areas below; at your pace and with your personal objectives at the forefront of their advice:

  • Wine for drinking now or in the future
  • Private Reserves
  • Investment
  • Cellar Building and Management
  • Portfolio Evaluation
  • Storage and Insurance
  • Broking & Selling your wines

For further assistance or simply to ask a question, please contact one of our advisors today.