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Bordeaux En Primeur 2017

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We are a company that specialises in Bordeaux En Primeur and have a wealth of experience on our team with one of the members reaching back to the 1984 vintage.

Last month we made the annual pilgrimage to Bordeaux for the En Primeur barrel tastings. Unlike most years, we hadn’t heard much about the vintage before we arrived, except for the fact that like most of Europe, Bordeaux was severely hit by frost at the end of April.

The good news is that those unaffected grapes have resulted in some charming, aromatic, classically-styled wines that in the most part far exceeded our expectations.

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As the wines come out we will list them on this page below and send out e-mail offers, and of course if you do not find the wine you desire on our list please contact us via telephone or e-mail with your enquiry. 

T: +44 01732 779343      E: sales@grandvinwinemerchants.co.uk

To receive our e-mail offers – please contact us as above.

Below are all the wines released from the 2017 En Primeur Campaign so far, showing the date each wine was released. Those marked with a   are wines we recommend.

Case Price In Bond = 12x75cl case quantity. Large and small formats are available from many Chateau - please enquire.

Bottle size:

24 x 37.5 cl

6 x 150 cl

1 x 300 cl

3 x 300 cl

1 x 500 cl

1 x 600 cl

1 x 900 cl

1 x 1200 cl

1 x 1500 cl

1 x 1800 cl

(per case)